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Exam RHIA topic 1 question 1353 discussion

Actual exam question from AHIMA's RHIA
Question #: 1353
Topic #: 1
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You and your colleague are designing a study to try to determine the ideal mean cost for discretionary service. You will market your service to a very large population. Your colleague thinks you will get the best data if you take lots of small samples. You think the data will be neat reliable if you take one or two very large samples.

  • A. Your colleague is right—the mean of multiple samples will yield more reliable results.
  • B. You are right—the means of a few large samples will yield more reliable results.
  • C. You are equally correct—there is little difference in the reliability of these sampling methods.
  • D. You are equally wrongunles you use stratified sampling, you cannot expect reliable B
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8 months, 1 week ago
The correct answer is B
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