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Exam ASIS-CPP topic 1 question 508 discussion

Actual exam question from ASIS's ASIS-CPP
Question #: 508
Topic #: 1
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You are the security manager of the ZYW Corporation located in Phoenix, ArizonA.
A report is received from the national weather service that a tornado warning has been issued. Which of the following would be the correct action to take?

  • A. Institute appropriate emergency notification procedures as this means that a tornado has actually been sighted in the area or is indicated by radar.
  • B. Alert top management as this indicates tornados are expected to develop.
  • C. Request the weather service to keep you advised on a 15minute basis.
  • D. Have all windows in the facility closed and be alert to additional weather reports.
  • E. Do nothing because tornados are usually not spotted in Arizona and the report is probably in error.
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Suggested Answer: A


2 weeks, 6 days ago
all except one answer is correct with the question as written. if the question were rephrased to say what is an INCORRECT statement or action, it would be E - do nothing
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