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Exam CCSP topic 1 question 262 discussion

Actual exam question from ISC's CCSP
Question #: 262
Topic #: 1
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A crucial decision any company must make is in regard to where it hosts the data systems it depends on. A debate exists as to whether it's best to lease space in a data center or build your own data center--and now with cloud computing, whether to purchase resources within a cloud.
What is the biggest advantage to leasing space in a data center versus procuring cloud services?

  • A. Regulations
  • B. Control
  • C. Security
  • D. Costs
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Suggested Answer: B
When leasing space in a data center versus utilizing cloud services, a customer has a much greater control over its systems and services, from both the hardware/ software perspective and the operational management perspective. Costs, regulations, and security are all prime considerations regardless of the hosting type selected. Although regulations will be the same in either hosting solution, in most instances, costs and security will be greater factors with leased space.


3 weeks, 2 days ago
I totally disagree with the explanation because the answer is "COST" Leasing gives you a COST advantage and not CONTROL. BUILDING A DATACENTER GIVES YOU CONTROL ADVANTAGE. BUILDING/PROCURING DATACENTER: When companies build their own data centers, they have complete control over nearly every aspect – from the overall facility designs down to the granular operational details like temperature and asset access. Firms that develop and operate their own data center space can also build out their resources in a phased and/or modular approach to manage capital deployment. In addition, since the space belongs to the service provider, they can utilize their assets however they please, whether this means leveraging resources for their own IT equipment or leasing space to other companies for a profit. LEASING A DATACENTER: On the other hand, leasing from a top-tier provider has its advantages as well. This approach offers a more consistent and predictable cost model and can help providers reduce capital expenditures when compared with building and operating their own facility. https://wiredre.com/data-center-decisions-building-vs-leasing-data-center-space/
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1 week, 4 days ago
The question is not building v leasing, it is leasing v cloud. Cost would not be correct in a leasing v cloud scenario.
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