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Exam 050-733 topic 1 question 70 discussion

Actual exam question from Novell's 050-733
Question #: 70
Topic #: 1
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You do not want to see any error messages when using the find command; you want to see only the results.
Which command accomplishes this task?

  • A. find /etc -name "*conf" 3>/dev/null
  • B. find /etc -name "*conf" 0>/dev/null
  • C. find /etc -name "*conf" 2>/dev/null
  • D. find /etc -name "*conf" 1>/dev/null
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Suggested Answer: D


3 weeks ago
C is correct answer, std err is 2, std output is 1, 1> /dev/null sends all output to null device, nothing will be seen at the terminal
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