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Exam A00-240 topic 1 question 48 discussion

Actual exam question from SAS Institute's A00-240
Question #: 48
Topic #: 1
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A linear model has the following characteristics:
*A dependent variable (y)
*One continuous variable (xl), including a quadratic term (x12)
*One categorical (d with 3 levels) predictor variable and an interaction term (d by x1)
How many parameters, including the intercept, are associated with this model?
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Suggested Answer: 7


4 months ago
please explain how it is 7
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2 months, 3 weeks ago
these are the predictors: [x1 , x1^2, b2, b3, x1*b2, x1*b3 , 1] 7 columns, 7 coefficients
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