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THC / Alcohol 151 Overproof Rum


THC / Alcohol 151 Overproof Rum

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This is the highest % of rum alcohol you will find in USA & Canada. 151% Proof Jamaican rum. Combined with pure THC extract, it is a 30 day slow process that makes a great tincture that has a variety of uses. It can be taken as a sublingual, dropped or sprayed under the tongue, or placed in food/drink. If you have never tried tincture before, please proceed with caution and responsibility, as this contains a high concentration of THC and alcohol. Try 1 or 2 drops or sprays to start, until you know your tolerance. If the taste puts you off, add 1 or 2 drops or sprays to a half glass of water or your favorite soda to mask the taste. This can be stored at room temperature, freezer or the fridge, it has a long shelf life of about 1 year.

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